Lexmark prints 'the end' to inkjet business and 1,700 workers

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Although inkjets are two-thirds of the printer market, Lexmark is phasing out their line over the next three years.

Lexmark announced they will close out their inkjet printer line, including manufacturing and research. Support for current products and customers will continue for three years. Laying off 1,700 workers, after laying off 635 earlier this year, will save the company $95 million annually, says the company.

Competing trends cloud the issue. Lexmark has lost market share, but almost 23 million inkjets were sold worldwide in the last quarter of 2011. Printing is down somewhat as users go more digital, and inkjet sales did drop six percent from the last quarter of 2010. Lexmark will focus on “higher value imaging and software solutions.”

Good riddance

As they were always overpriced with the most expensive replacement cartridges, they were avioded by me and most of the people I knew. That is one inkjet printer thaat will not be missed.

Allan on geek.com

Lack of Unix support, pathetic drivers, and dreadful after-sales support

Robert E A Harvey on theregister.co.uk

Glad Lexmark's pulling out. I've had an inkjet printer by them and never seen such a worthless piece of supposed "plastic" in my life.

gm112 on arstechnica.com

Trouble is, unlike HP, their printers tended to throw in the towel before the included cartidges were empty. Too engineered down in price. Self defeating business model.

Stuart 22 on theregister.co.uk

But seriously, I sincerely doubt ANYONE would miss Lexmark and their buggy drivers, buggier bloatware and especially - their insane markup on cartridge prices

/jk on arstechnica.com


Goodbye and good riddance. Hope the other purveyors of $1000 a gallon ink follow suit.

jqpabc123 on geek.com

Inkjets are kinda dead, a laser printer is just a better product.

YARDofSTUFF on arstechnica.com

World of printing

Inkjet as a technology works better than any other commonly available printing type for photo printing. Stuff like the Epson Stylus Photo and Stylus Pro series work very well for their intended use of photo printing, but they also aren't anywhere near the cheap consumer inkjet price class.

cogwheel on arstechnica.com

Lexmark cartridges had a chip in them, for a while someone was manufacturing knockoffs and Lexmark sued them out of existance using the US DMCA to claim the company was bypassing the electronic protections on the chip.

J.T on theregister.co.uk

Do you have a Lexmark inkjet printer? If so, what do you think of it?

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