Broadband gap in America now down to 19 million

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FCC report says 19 million, including 14.5 rural Americans, have no broadband option.

61 million Americans live in rural areas, and 14.5 million of them have no fast Internet access, says the FCC. The standard for “broadband” has been raised to 4Mbps down and 1Mbps up. West Virginia has the least amount of access, percentage-wise, since 45.9 percent of state residents are outside broadband coverage. Even in California, 35 percent of rural residents can't get broadband.

Some have cast this report as negative, even though the number of those without broadband has dropped from the 26 million last year. The FCC has a $9 billion federal subsidy program in place to encourage rural broadband improvements. Recent studies conclude those with broadband access have an easier time getting jobs, since postings are far more common online.

Broadband gap

They still HAVE access to internet, just not fast internet. Read the first line. Dial-up is still available.

Tracey Edwards on

Does every citizen have a "right" to broadband access? That is a philosophical question.

John Canfield on

I'd rather talk about the 100M people who "choose" not to subscribe to broadband.

blkockin on


Here is an idea for rural people unable to find work because they lack internet access. MOVE to where the jobs are.

Chris Reising on

I live in the boonies and my only options are satellite and dial-up -- satellite is NOT broadband.

skicow on

What a travesty. 6% of the population can't surf pornography at high speed. Boo freaking hoo. What a nation of whiners.


Using those numbers ~13 million of the 19 million without access to broadband would purchase it if given the chance.

skicow on


Broadband is still too expensive for many families--even if they had access to it.

Scott Lawrence on

So when are these number generators going to cross reference stats on food stamps, foreclosure, income level, cost of living, etc. to the broadband deficit crowd to realize that one hundred dollars a month for increased speed to get all the digital (ad) pollution that now accompanies an internet full screen page is not affordable to many.

Richard Schwenderman on

Do you think broadband Internet access is a right for modern Americans? Why or why not?

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