Windows 7 is XP, Windows 8 is Vista

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Just as XP users skipped Vista, many Windows 7 users plan to skip Windows 8. Microsoft could be in for a tough year.

With stories like “Is it curtains for Windows 8” appearing, Microsoft finds itself once again playing operating system hop scotch. Love one, jump the next. Is Win8 a bold step forward, with Metro, excuse us, Window 8 UI, or a failed attempt to capture the magic of Apple's iPad apps in a desktop OS?

Yet Windows 8 has some defenders, even in blogs titled, “Windows 7 forever! Why Windows 7 is the next XP.” As J. Peter Bruzzese says, “If you can get past the UI challenges, the rest of Windows 8 -- that is, the Windows 7 part -- is solid.” But why will most users push through Windows 8 pain when Windows 7 works so well?

Hate the 8

Windows 8 is simply not optimized for the desktop, and despite fanboi's rushing to it's defense, this cannot be overstated.

Reclaimer77 on

Microsoft is killing themselves, and they will be eroding their own marketshare with windows 8. The solution? Come out with Windows 8 SP1 that cuts out the new UI and goes to an XP UI.

Jeff Katz on

My official advice is to avoid Windows 8 like the plague and vote with your dollars. Don't buy it. Don't buy new machines that can't be downgraded and supported in 7.

loquacious on

Metro bashing

My issue with Windows 8 is pushing Metro into desktop users' throats. All they had to do is let users select classic desktop as default boot environment,

nikon133 on

That's the real tragedy of this story. They took a great OS, and completely ruined it by sticking a tablet UI on top of it for no sane reason.

tridus on

My first thought was that it looked like a Tumblr photo blog. I've never looked at a Tumblr blog and thought, "gee, if only I could launch programs from here!"

sheprime on


I've got Win8 RTM installed on a desktop with 3 monitors. I do a lot of cad cam work.

DrakeSG on

How about actually use Windows 8 for a few months on both a PC and a tablet BEFORE you complain? Is that too much to ask? I have done both and know Apple and Google are in trouble. It is beyond obvious.

EVHappy on

It looks great to me so I'm sure all the professional reviewers will hate it.

2bucksplus on

What will you tell your parents about buying a computer with Windows 8? Yea or nay?

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