Microsoft puts Zune on critical list August 31

Credit: flickr/Robert Nelson

Zune Pass features, including Mixview playback and channel playlists will be gone after tomorrow but streaming and downloading remain on.

Social aspects of Zune, including messaging and other sharing of songs and playlists are going away August 31, to make way for Xbox Music. In other words, Zune Social is being axed to make room for Xbox Music and the social features included in that package.

This should not be a surprise, since Microsoft served notice Xbox Music would replace Zune Pass back in early June. However, you will need an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership to keep Zune tunes streaming after Xbox Music gets rolling. And, in an example of bad timing, Xbox Music details will be announced soon, leaving a vacuum.

Cold blooded

I’m extremely disappoint by that decision

Kit Y on

Translation, "Enjoy your brown brick, suckers."

Dr_Spaceman42 on

I saw a Zune one time.

aurelian_squier on


Damn, I really liked being able to sms tracks to people.

Amusal on

These are features I frankly never took advantage of and I suspect quite a few didn’t either hence them being axed

pw38 on

Zune HD is the best media player I've ever owned. You really tell the difference in quality when you go back to an ipod.

Adrian Smith on


Tip for Microsoft: If you want people to buy digital media from you, NEVER, EVER TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEM!

CraigC2000 on

Microsoft would have KILLED Spotify if they had made an app for iOS and Android.

dagamer34 on

That is it! I had an original Zune 30 GB and ended up with a Zune HD 32 GB. MS has burned me for the LAST time. I'm getting a Samsung Galaxy Player.

Chris Davis on

Do you have a Zune? Do you still use it?

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