What happened on Mars this week? Watch this video

NASA takes rover on a test drive; Angry Birds invade the red planet

In case you've been on vacation or at work worrying about other things like the end of summer or your fantasy football draft, here's a quick update from the folks at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory on what the Mars Curiosity rover has been doing this week.


Torsten Zorn (OK, definitely in the running for best name ever) from JPL gives the weekly update, including Curiosity flexing its arm, zapping a rock with a laser (the rock never had a chance), and rolling on its wheels.

In other related Mars news, the team from Rovio Mobile announced some new Angry Birds: Space levels, in which the birds keep chasing those weird pigs, but this time they're on the red planet as well.

Oh, you crazy birds. You need to learn to relax some more and channel that anger into something more positive.

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