New Mass Effect 3 content has people wondering whether it will change the ending

Leviathan downloadable content hits the world on Tuesday

The folks over at BioWare have officially released the trailer for its Mass Effect 3: Leviathan downloadable content (the trailer was part of a speech that Bioware did at a gaming conference on Aug. 2).


The extra content is available next Tuesday, so if any Mass Effect 3 gamers are still playing the game after the big controversy over the ending of the game, they might be interested in this new content.

Personally I never played Mass Effect 3 after hearing about the way the company messed up the ending of the game, and word got around about how gamers were so upset that after playing three games and making choices, that there was no big choice at the end (basically, all of the endings were similarly depressing). But if you have played the game and were a fan before the ending, at least this DLC gives you some more stuff to do.

But for me, I'll be too busy playing Guild Wars 2, which comes out on the same day.

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