Watch the history of animation and motion graphics in under 7 minutes

Another PBS YouTube channel strikes gold with cool videos

PBS is doing some great things on YouTube - in addition to its Digital Studios channel, which does those auto-tuned videos of its classic hosts, the network's PBSoffbook ("Off Book") channel has some great documentary-like videos, but covering art-related topics.


The channel has done videos like "The Worlds of Viral Video", "The Art of Logo Design" and "The Evolution of 8-Bit Art", and now adds another video to its stable - looking at "The Art of Animation and Motion Graphics". Great stuff for any art or animation fans out there.

I'm a little sad that they skipped over some of my great animation from when I was 9 years old, in which I created some very cool flip books of Fonzie jumping over the barrels on his motorcycle. Sadly, those were lost to the ages.

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