HBO finally cuts the Scandinavia

Every since HBO rolled out their streaming service HBO Go there's been some demand for a 'stand-alone' version of the service. There are people with no interest in having a cable TV subscription that would be willing to pay a reasonable fee to stream HBO Go, given that HBO doesn't allow any other service to stream its content.

Up until now, HBO has stood by the side of the cable providers. Finally that's changing...if you live in Scandinavia. Coming in mid-October to Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark is HBO Nordic AB, a service that doesn't require any kind of cable subscription. The price will be less than ten euros a month (if you do have cable you can add on HBO Nordic AB for even less).

Variety has more details but let me break the bad news to North American readers: this doesn't appear to be the start of any kind of a trend for HBO and it's unlikely they'll offer a similar deal over here any time soon. HBO has a sweet deal with cable providers and they're unlikely to want to rock that boat.

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