HBO goes unplugged in Europe, subscriber stream will bypass cable

Credit: flickr/JasonParis

Rolling out first in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark, users can subscribe for an on-demand HBO library, and purchase individual programs.

Unlike HBO Go, which requires a subscription to a cable service, HBO Nordic AB is open to anyone willing to pay the monthly fee, expected to be between five and 10 euros per month ($6.25 - $12.50). Ars Technica speculates this is response to a Netflix announcement to enter the same Scandinavian market later this year.

While currently limited to Europe (there's a “standalone digital product” in Poland with little success), those who have been waiting for HBO to connect directly to consumers without a cable company intermediary are excited. The announcement page promises “latest episodes straight after the US premiere.”

Sell me now

Instead of complaining about piracy HBO, offers up a convenient way for us Scandinavians to access their content legally. I will gladly give HBO my money.

Christian Lindfors on

HBO, why do you try so hard to make me hate you? Oh well, I know of other ways to catch these shows online. It's a shame they don't want my money, though.

nekheny on

Wow. I have to admit that I didn't expect to see anything like this from them for at least a couple more years.

bgengry on


Well, the decision is made. Time to buy that proxy service.

Major General Thanatos on

Well let me let HBO know that this just incourages us to use more proxy servers and its about time they caterered for us too.

kadmiel1 on

HBO GO is very good, surprisingly so. The quality of that effort in combination with moves like this suggest some very smart, visionary folks are at work there. Anecdotally, I'm seeing rapidly growing interest in cord-cutting among non-technical folks.

incision on


what idiot decided to install borders on the internet?

Max_Patlick on

$12.50 a month? Ouch.

NicoleC on

Don't expect this in the US anytime soon.

jfb on

Would you sign up for this service if it was available?

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