New day at PayPal with David Marcus taking charge?

Credit: flickr/Robert Scoble

PayPal aggravations, some reported here, galvanize newly appointed president David Marcus to begin damage control.

In the last week, David Marcus, who says, “I've been running PayPal for the last 5 months,” has responded to a couple of high-profile stories about customer service failures at PayPal. He sent an email to one person, and joined in the discussion on Hacker News following another complaint.

Stories always mention that PayPal handles millions and millions of transactions perfectly, but publicized missteps seem to be the norm for them the last couple of years. Will Marcus, “make this company GREAT again,” as he promised on Hacker News, or is this a new PR manager at work, with no substantive changes to bad customer service department?

Still wary of the payment gorilla

I certainly don't trust PayPal and am encouraging small business people I know as well as the nonprofit on whose board I serve to investigate alternatives.

Clyde Smith on

PAYPAL ABSOLUTELY SUCKS, and that's the kindest thing I can say in print.

PastureMuffins on

The true fix, the actuall turnaround, is when the ability to actually fix problems like this is systemically extended deep into the space previously occupied by the employees who couldn't fix them before.

noonespecial on

David Marcus

Kudos to Marcus for seizing the opportunity to make a strong statement, both inside and outside his sphere. I think it shows great promise.

Doc Sheldon on

Marcus has been president of PayPal for five months now, you said so yourself in this piece. Getting a company that large to make changes in such a short period of time is a pipe dream.

friend on

Personally looking after an account and handing out a cell phone number is not business as usual. There may be an element of PR, but it is quite proactive by most standards of measure.

doktrin on

It is special that the CEO responded AND put his reputation on the line by saying he was going to fix this.

foxylad on

Fighting fraud on many fronts

You have to consider the millions of dollars in illegal transactions and scams that are being transferred over paypal every single day by thousands of criminals and scammers around the world. Paypal needs to find more and better ways to verify users identities and to verify that transactions are legitimate, meaning that people buying something get it at the other end when they pay.

charbax on

I used PayPal for over 10 years, never had a problem, until a person I knew committed fraud and I got suspended. Why? Because I may have known or may know some one who committed fraud.

Sharyn Whiting on

Are you happy with PayPal? If not, what will David Marcus have to do to restore your trust?

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