Feds seize, hold Rojadirecta sites for 18 months, drop charges

Credit: flickr/Bryan Mills

ICE seized two Rojadirecta domains, twice found legal in Spain, refused to move forward, and finally dismissed the case when sued by site owner Puerto 80.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement seized and shut down rojadirecta.com and rojadirecta.org, claiming “willfull infringement” of copyright laws, according to TechDirt. Puerto 80 sued the government, including references from earlier prosecutions ruling that “a site embedding clips from elsewhere isn't infringing.”

Government attorneys answered with “bizarre and unsupportable” claims, piecing together parts of different intellectual property laws to hide the fact “there was no legal basis” for the seizure. On August 29, the government filed a voluntary dismissal notice, meaning Puerto 80 will not get their day in court.


The government drops the case right after the RIAA & MPAA reveal that their budgets are being massively cut. Coincidence? I think not.

Mike42 on techdirt.com

Or, you know, accuse them of a crime first, and if proven guilty, then seize stuff. Nah, that's too much work.

Chmilz on arstechnica.com

well if theres one thing thats true its that you could be dem or repub and still open your mouth for the entertainment industry.

oh lord on thehill.com

Legal bits

The government will almost certainly abandon any case they are going to lose. That way, they will avoid accountability indefinitely.

Eric Goldman on techdirt.com

That's the real joke, taking away only the US domain has almost no impact on these companies, and is just the ICE demonstrating how little power they really have.

mr_fnord on arstechnica.com

Yes, it was legal in Spain. The court found that Rojadirecta facilitated infringement, but that facilitation is (apparently) not illegal in Spain. It would be illegal here, which is what matters.

Anonymous Coward on techdirt.com

No love for gov

I would love to see them be able to Sue the US Gov for what they did.And I would love to see them Win.I hate my Corrupt Government.

gorehound on techdirt.com

since the government dropped it, the court didn't rule the government's actions were explictly wrong, so they government gets to do it in a questionable method again!

masterbinky on arstechnica.com

I really can't see that the perpetrators will be held accountable or punished in any way for their illegal actions. Shameful! Grrrr

Geeker on techdirt.com

When wrongfully imprisoned people are released, they are compensated for their time in jail. Should ICE compensate websites taken down erroneously?

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