Star Wars: Uncut group takes on Empire

Fans unite to re-create Episode V, 15 seconds at a time

The folks who created the film "Star Wars: Uncut", in which the entire movie was re-edited through 15-second fan clips (each segment was divvied up to different fans) recently announced they would do the same thing for "The Empire Strikes Back".


Here's a "trailer" announcing the project - the best part is that there are still some spots left for anyone to claim.

Once you claim a 15-second segment (go here to see what scenes are left), you have 720 hours to create the clip and upload it to the site. No need to worry about adding the John Williams score, the film creators will take care of that.

The cool part is seeing the final version, in which you get to see a bunch of different film styles - some people prefer to re-create the scenes with live actors, others delve into stop-motion or cartoon animation. The fun part is seeing how they all meld together at the end.

In case you never saw the original version, in which fans re-created Star Wars: Episode IV (A New Hope), check it out:

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