Vobile copyright 'robots' cut Hugo Awards mid-Ustream

Credit: flickr/Pop Culture Geek

Neil Gaiman's acceptance speech for the Doctor Who script, “The Doctor's Wife” was stopped by third party Vobile's automated copyright infringement monitor.

In a properly entitled “RANT” section of io9, the story of how the presentation of the annual Hugo Awards at Worldcon was cut mid-stream for copyright infringement is covered in detail. Stopped right after a clip from Gaiman's winning Doctor Who script thanks to Vobile's software, the broadcast was unable to be restarted by Ustream.

Ustream CEO and Founder Brad Hunstable apologized in a blog post, saying he was cutting out the Vobile software until it can be “calibrated.” He also mentioned that users of Ustream's paid service have their rights permissions cleared before airing. So did he just try to shift the blame, calling Worldcon and the Hugo Awards cheap for not using the paid service?


Here's a thought: how about a thing where you have to show that a copyright has been violated before you start taking people's stuff down? Just crazy enough to work?

Jason Shankel on io9.com

Should just have released the broadcast as a torrent. Only way to be sure.

theaolway on theverge.com

that it's about time that copyright law was modified in accordance with a famous (here slightly paraphrased) document : «... whenever any Law becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Law,

mhenriday on theregister.co.uk


This isn't just a copyright issue (yes, fair use and licenses and all that important stuff), it's a customer issue. This is a serious failure.

d3morgenstern on io9.com

This is ridiculous. Fair Use should’ve covered this and that’s the problem. There’s no one policing these DRM takedowns.

sabret00the on theverge.com

What I find interesting (ie, so interesting I want to smack my head against a blunt object) is that these bots were programmed to presume the mere *existence* of proprietary material on the feed was proof of copyright infringement.

Maggie Static on io9.com


All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Ha. Ha. Ha.

ClueShell on theregister.co.uk

Damn Skynet.

ManchuCandidate on io9.com

Film Studios - Bum? Meet Bite. He just came back.

LaeMing on theregister.co.uk

Who was wrong here: Ustream, Vobile the copyright cop, or the Hugo Awards people for not getting clips cleared earlier?

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