Nintendo Wii U price, launch date leaks

Nintendo wants us to wait until September 13th to learn the details of its Wii U gaming console launch, but the Internet is a leaky ship. From wholesaler Video Product Distributers via NintendoLife comes a new launch date leak (the last one we heard was November 18th) and this time we get prices to boot!

If the info is correct, Nintendo will launch the Wii U on November 11th in 3 bundles costing $249, $299 and $349.

So what do we think? $249 is a very Nintendo-ish launch price, but the Wii U has that touch-enabled tablet controller that seems to be a required component of the system. Nintendo historically does not sell hardware at a loss. This makes $249 seem unlikely to me, to be honest. That tablet has to add to the cost of goods.

On the other hand Nintendo Life has embedded a short video supposedly of the Video Product Distributors web site. Of course these might just be placeholder values, but you wouldn't think that VPD would just guess at 3 bundles.

The three bundles probably refers to just a Wii U ($249), a Wii U with a game ($299) and possibly for the $349 a Wii U, extra tablet controller and a game? I'm just guessing.

Actually all of this is guess work and speculation at this point. All will be revealed (we hope) a week from Thursday when Nintendo gives the official word!

But what do you think? Can the Wii U ship for as little as $249?

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