12 hot cloud computing companies worth watching

Stormpath was born out of the vision of Salazar, a former IBM senior sales executive, and Les Hazlewood, a former enterprise architect at Bloomberg and Delta Airlines and one of the pioneers of the open source Java security framework Apache Shiro, which is a core piece of the Stormpath code. Salazar compares it to a trendy nightclub where Shiro is the bouncer standing at the door, providing the security framework, while Stormpath would be the guest list, dictating who is let in.

Stormpath is code language and framework agnostic and is priced based on the number of applications it is managing with different tiers of feature sets offered, ranging from a free version to an enterprise-grade fully supported option. Because the service is delivered through a SaaS-based model, Salazar says Stormpath is able to centrally implement the latest security patches and settings throughout the system.

Into next year, Stormpath is hoping to expand its role in the application lifecycle process beyond just developers. Stormpath hopes to extend the service to operations and IT professionals who are looking to set up user access controls within an organization. "Our goal is to help them implement a next generation user management system and help them migrate off LDAP, [Active Directory], custom systems, and home-grown scripts where they want to," he says.

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