Could this robot outrun Usain Bolt?

DARPA robot achieves 28.3 mph in speed test

The folks at Boston Dynamics (with funding from DARPA) have uploaded a new video showcasing the speed of its Cheetah Robot, which got up to 28.3 mph on a treadmill. This is "about 0.5 mph faster than Usain Bolt's fastest 20-meter split."


Let's not get the gold medal ready for the robots yet, however. I'd imagine that Bolt's acceleration to get to his top speed is faster than the robot. Still, who wouldn't want to see this race?

Here's the interesting note from Boston Dynamics: "Testing on an untethered outdoor version starts early next year." Watch out folks, the robots will soon be able to chase us down as we try to escape them. Have your Terminator and shotgun ready for that day.

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