It's iPhone Day! Will the iPad Mini show itself today?

Happy iPhone Day, everyone. At least, that's how some outlets are referring to today, thanks to the Apple event later on.

Everyone expects the iPhone 5 to be revealed. Or perhaps Apple will just call it "the new iPhone" in the same way they did with what we were all calling iPad 3. But in any case it seems as close to a sure thing as possible that a new iteration of the iPhone will be announced today.

This renders rumor-mongering about the iPhone 5 boring.

But the iPad Mini is still a mystery so let's talk about that. A bunch of outlets were sharing leaked photos of a mock-up of the device yesterday. Actually initially they were being shared as pics of the actual device, but that was later rectified by at least some sites. In any case they all seem to originate from French site NowhereElse who in turn claims to have found them on Chinese site DGtle.

They're pretty interesting images. Apparently the iPad Mini will look very much like an iPad, only smaller. (That's sarcasm, just so we're clear.)


iPad Mini mockup


But is the iPad Mini going to be announced today, or will Apple give it its own event next month? That's still an open question. When the leaked images were thought to be of the actual device it made an immediate reveal seem more likely, but now that we've decided they're just of a mock-up, October is once again the favored date.

Or is it? AndroidAuthority says the iPad Mini could be delayed because of problems with the screen. Now let's face it, Android Authority might not be the most unbiased source of iPad news. Worse, they cite as their source DigiTimes, which loves to spew info that's occasionally (but only occasionally) accurate. So I'd take this one with such a heaping helping of salt that it causes your doctor to make a frowny face.

Well in a few hours all will be made clear and the Apple fanboys will finally be able to place their pre-orders and then try to relax. Enjoy the show!

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