Who speaks truth? FBI or AntiSec hackers?

Credit: flickr/Ed Schipul

AntiSec announced yesterday they had 12 million Apple device IDs, stolen from an FBI computer. The FBI says not so fast. Who do you believe?

Pointing out that the FBI tracks law-abiding citizens via 12,367,232 Apple Unique Device Identifiers, AntiSec said, “looking at the massive number of devices concerned, someone should care about it.” (Techspot). They released more than a million of the stolen records to make their point about government spying on citizens.

Not surprisingly, the FBI syas there is “no evidence” of a hack of the laptop mentioned by AntiSec (“FBI denies claims of Apple ID hack” on CNN). The FBI claims the list did not come from an FBI laptop, but hasn't answered yet if the file may have been on a personal laptop of an FBI agent, or stored somewhere else the hackers had breached.

I trust the FBI

As far as I know Anti-sec and Anonymous don't have the skill-set to break into the FBI without inside knowledge.

n2td3v on cnet.com

At best, these IDs were skimmed by an app and some haxor decided after getting a copy of the data made up a great story, or even...

Fill F. Fill on cnn.com

I have checked several iOS devices and I have not found a match in the published list. This could be a hoax or a propoganda move by Antisec.

n5rmj on techspot.com

I trust AntiSec

Translation: FBI was clueless, and remains as-such.

moofmuffin on cnet.com

It happened...just a cover up to protect Crapple

bonkas on cnn.com

In truth, it is real and I am glad AntiSec has come out with this information and I encourage them to do more to bring the truth forward.

Guest on techspot.com


My God....and look how passive the public is on this.

JeffreyJames1234 on cnet.com

Man, how easy people forget giving up their liberty and freedom when President Bush signed the American people up for surveillance because of the terrorist attacks on America...they have more intel on us than ever...this is not even the tip of the ice berg..

FearFighter1 on cnn.com

The amount of spying that U.S. does on it's own citizens makes the former KGB and former East Germany's STASI seem like amateurs, and the big difference is that in Russia and East Germany,

inventix1136 on techspot.com

As of yet, Apple has not commented. Do you find that reassuring or disturbing?

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