Watch a parody of a parody of Doctor Who - just don't call it Inspector Spacetime

Web series born from Community parody hits the InterWeb

This one may be confusing if you aren't fans of both "Community" (the NBC sitcom) and "Doctor Who" (the long-running British sci-fi show).


But if you are, enjoy the first episode of "Inspector Spacetime", or rather, the "Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time."

Here's the backstory, sort of. The TV show "Community" introduced a fake TV show called "Inspector Spacetime", an homage/parody to Doctor Who. The parody segments on that show became so popular on the show that the actor who played Inspector Spacetime, Travis Richey, decided to create a Web series around the character and show.

However, the people at NBC didn't like that idea so much, considering they were claiming the idea of copyright or trademark violation or other such lawyerly things. So now we have this instead, a parody of a parody of a British science-fiction show that features a time-traveling space traveler. Got it? More details here.

It's no more confusing than an episode of Doctor Who or even Community at times, so everyone should be happy and entertained here.

What gets interesting is that with Community still in production, will the Web series get referenced, and will they still do more Inspector Spacetime parodies? As they say, stay tuned...

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