Marissa Mayer to Yahoo employees: Free smartphone if not Blackberry

cracked broken blackberry smartphone
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All Yahoo full and part time employees will get a new Apple, Samsung, Nokia, or HTC smartphone, including the data plan.

The new iPhone 5 is included, according to Business Insider, as well as the Samsung Galaxy 3, HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE, and the Nokia Lumina 920. Goal: to move off Blackberries, so therefore the new offer does NOT include any products from RIM (Research In Motion).

“Yahoo! Smart Phones, Smart Fun!” is the program name, according to an internal memo attained by Business Insider. Yes, this will certainly improve employee morale, but the real goal is to make sure Yahoo!igans are using the same types of phones as their customers. And that evidently means no Blackberries.

Good for Head Yahoo Marissa

The difference here is that Mayer is authorizing the issue to all employees their choice of the flagship device from all the major manufacturers with the, huge and glaring, exceptions of RIM and Motorola. That's incredibly uncommon, and I think indicative of Yahoo being very serious about mobile, across all platforms.

matthew_maurice on

free is good, yahoo

1Tom_Cruise on

I'm impressed by the variety; you see a lot of companies that lock you into one corporate phone to supposedly "make it easier on IT" (riiiiiight).

Joseph Finn on

Yeah, but …

My wife works for a large corporation that has been supplying its employees with cell phones and then smart phones for years. The company also pays for the service contract.

Blah blah blah on

Once (if) BB10 comes out, they might have something going for them. But until then, nope

paisley097 on

Are they required to take it? Does this mean that the part time employees who did not have phones before must be required to be attached to a work phone like the full time employees?

AnnTUp on

Snide much?

New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer just sent an email to all of Marissa's full time and part time Marissas in the Marissa, promising them a new Marissa, Marissa, Marissa, or Marissa.

Haha Guy on

I have nothing against BB but I think reality has to set in. They are the Titanic.

SDL9765 on

Typing on Blackberries is just easier. I don't care if people judge.

acm2323 on

What about the 4 people who still use Yahoo? What do they get?

showbiz2 on

Does your company give you a free smartphone and data plan? If so, is it a Blackberry?

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