Are we becoming Information Obese?

Author argues Information Overload not the issue, but rather the types of data we consume daily

As you sit in your desk wading through the weekend's emails, reading your Facebook or Twitter stream and clicking on links to news articles forwarded by friends/colleagues, you may think you're suffering from "information overload."


In all likelihood, though, it's more about "information obesity," in which the types of media we're consuming is not really good for us. In this BigThink video, author Clay Johnson ("The Information Diet") discusses how we need to take more responsibility for "our information dietary choices."

While Johnson is discussing the types of articles that people are consuming through mass media, the same concept could certainly apply to emails, both work and personal, and other sorts of daily information overload.

And now, with irony firmly understood, here's a video of a guy playing the Star Wars theme on a Stylophone:

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