For Rent: Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365

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You can still buy the software, but the push is on for office software by subscription. Big target: families, people with multiple devices, and small businesses.

Boxed software pricing will be Home & Student ($139.99), Home & Business ($219.99) and Professional ($399.99), says The Register. The physical license allows only one installation of the software. Office 365 can be installed on up to five Macs or PCs at one time. Office 365 Home Premium will be $99.99 per year, while Office 365 Small Business Premium is $149.99, and includes business tools like Exchange email hosting and collaboration tools.

Full details aren't yet available, and the feature sets for Office 365 enterprise versions have not been released. To help push the subscriptions models, the boxed offerings cost more and include fewer computer licenses than the similar packages for Office 2010. But ars technica reports that Windows RT will include a permanent license for Office Home & Student, as a lure to buy Windows tablets.

We like this idea

I was actually quite sceptical before now. But, the pricing and feature sets actually seem quite attractive.

Anonymous Coward on

Its a great price considering what you get. You get an additional 20 gb of skydrive and you can stream full office to any computer you are on.

NenadaPlakat on

You have to be kidding, this is a killer deal. You get to install the FULL suite on 5 computers (2 for me, 2 for my wife and 1 for my daughter), and this includes the Mac version.

grking on

No thanks

I can't imagine a single person I know agreeing to pay $100 a year for MS Office at home.

Swarley on

I have Office 2003 on my older computer, LibreOffice on my newer box and netbook. I don't need more at home and can think of lots of things I would rather spend $99 on.

Tom 35 on

For anyone who relies upon Office heavily, there usually is some way to get it for a hell of a lot cheaper than 99 bucks a year. This just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Mr. Krueger on

Or I can use Libre Office for free. Enterprises might need actual MS Office, but a home user? What, am I going to run mail merges on cat pictures?

ChimneyImp on

Windows RT talk

RT? We've been reading that the RT version will be deficient, with a lot of capabilities missing. In addition, if this is on the "fake" Desktop, fake in that it's can only be used for Office, then this is just going to be a dandy experience on a 10.6" tablet, or can we call it a tablet if it requires a keyboard and trackpad to get anything done?

melgross on

They want people to buy RT tablets. Since it looks like Windows RT devices won’t be much cheaper than x86 devices, they need a carrot to get people to buy them despite their inability to run x86 apps. This is part of that carrot (along with the ~$100 price drop).

xpxp2002 on

Is your family ready for subscription Office software? At $100 per year?

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