Apple shuts their Ping social music service on Sept. 30

Credit: flickr/Chris Breikss

Two years is enough for Apple's music-centric social networking product Ping. Signups are halted, and the entire Ping program gets ponged at the end of the month.

The message come through the Ping section of iTunes with the launch of iTunes 7. The service will continue for current members through the end of the month. Never really catching on, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted in May that Ping might be shut down.

Since Apple doesn't have a social network, and Cook believes the company needs to “be social” (AppleInsider), analysts are in the dark about what may follow Ping. The service was never able to integrate well with social networks such as Facebook. Cook did say the upcoming OS X 10.8.2 will work better with Facebook and Twitter.

Good riddance

Finally! What a terrible service. Apple was a fail in this area. It sucks.

logandigges on

Let’s not beat the dead horse. Yes, ping was a horrible idea… just like Buzz.

We all try and fail at some points.

Caprican on

It was a complete waste from the beginning. No one will miss it. I found it an incredibly annoying addition to iTunes

Panther6834 on

Sad September


lecti on

What a bummer! I found quite a bit of new music through Ping. It was also an easy place to keep up to date with my friends Playlists.

yensid98 on

I think the idea was right. Trying to merge social and music. Ping will some what live on with facebook and twitter integration into the new iTunes.

Danny on

I believe Ping could have been improved & made quite relevant, had someone at Apple had the vision & permission to see it through, tweaking it with customer feedback. I have invested hundreds of hours there over the years & enjoyed the experience, all to soon be wiped away.

kellya74u on

Invisible Ping

Apple had a social network? ;-)

John.B on

But what about all 8 people who are using it?

thatcloudboy on

Wait, they had a music-centric social network?

jouva on

Hard to believe OS X and Facebook and Twitter won't figure out a way to tie music into their social fabric. Perhaps FourSquare will make an app that tells everyone what you're listening to and call it EarSquare.

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