The Weekly Hash - September 14, 2012

A review of some of the top tech stories for the past week, with tongue planted firmly somewhere near cheek.

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Microsoft revealed on Thursday that new laptops and PCs sold in China are coming pre-installed with malware. Turns out they’re part of Anonymous’ new line of computers.

On Tuesday Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave his first interview since the company’s IPO, in which he said the stock’s performance has been “disappointing.” You could see how disappointed he was by the way he dabbed away his tears with $100 bills.

General Motors announced this week that they’re going to hire 10,000 workers in order to in-source their IT centers. They plan to complete the hires in 5 years or 50,000 interviews, whichever comes first.

On Monday a Chinese company came out with the GooPhone, a clone of the iPhone 5 that runs Android. They also announced that, at the end of this month, they'll be shutting down their social music service, Pong.

Casio has launched an Android tablet that can quickly scan a pile of documents. Casio expects the device to be a big hit with international spies.

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