Talk Like a Pirate Day is the dumbest day ever

Argh! An alternate opinion

All over the Internet today, you'll see your friends, co-workers and others exclaim things like "Argh!" and "Ahoy, Matey!".


Yes, today is "Talk Like a Pirate Day", a fake holiday that is really the stupidest holiday ever. Even stupider than Arbor Day.

Head to Wikipedia if you want to know about the origins of the day - over the past few years the Internet and dumb people have picked up on how funny it might be if they talked like pirates for the day.

On Facebook, you can change your language settings from its normal setting to "English (Pirate)" if you want all of your status updates converted to things like, "Avast! I be hoping to vote for Obama in ye fall!" or "Here ye be a photograph of me kid!".

See? It's stupid and dumb.

A few years ago some of the employees here at our company decided they wanted to throw a pirate-themed afternoon party to celebrate the "holiday." They got a bunch of pirate decorations and we had one of those 3 p.m. parties with cake and drinks that always ends up a bunch of people just standing around talking to each other uncomfortably, waiting for the time when they could sneak back to work without appearing to be "unfun". Only a few people actually talked like pirates.

Here's a video of Disneyland cast members, some who may or may not be working at the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction (the only time you're allowed to talk like a pirate, IMO), talking like pirates.

Let's all take a stand and refuse to talk like a pirate. If anyone comes up to me today and says "Argh!", I'm going to respond by telling them that I'm observing "Talk Like a Grown Up" Day.

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