Hands on with iOS 6: Maps

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3D mode and traffic

There are two other new features worth noting:

3D Mode: When youre inside a city, you can enable 3D mode to view an angled version of the street, hybrid, or satellite map. Some citiesincluding San Francisco, Boston, New York, London, and Sydneyeven have 3D vector satellite renderings of their buildings, allowing you to virtually fly past the Sydney Opera House or wing your way down the Golden Gate Bridge. Apple plans to expand this 3D modeling to other cities as time allows.

Traffic and Alerts: To top off the new Maps app, Apple has introduced a new way to track traffic patterns, accidents, construction, and alerts. Using crowdsourced data, the company aims to provide better (and more up-to-date) information about traffic patterns, as well as ways to route you out of problem areas.

If theres an accident or construction, Maps alerts you to this with an icon on the map. Tap it, and then tap the blue arrow to learn more about whats going on in that area, along with when Apple last updated the information.

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