Sony reveals another new PS3 revision, PS Plus coming to Vita

The Tokyo Game Show is going on this week, and Sony didn't miss an opportunity to hold a press conference. I have to confess I didn't stay up for it (it started at midnight local time) so I'm a little behind schedule on reporting what went down.

In retrospect I'm glad I made that decision because it wasn't an earth-shattering event. Sony announced that they've redesigned the Playstation 3 again, for some reason. The new model is supposed to be 25% smaller than the PS3 "slim" which was 50% smaller than the original PS3.

Sony is offering a couple of bundles. A 500 GB model comes with Assasin's Creed 3 and sells for $299. It's scheduled to ship October 30th. There's also a 250 GB model that comes with Uncharted 3 Game of the Year Edition and $30 worth of bonus digital content for the upcoming free-to-play shooter Dust 514. This model is $269.99 and ships on September 25th.

Don't you think that most people who're interested in the PS3 either already have one or are waiting for the price to really drop. I can't help but think Sony should've stuck with a 160GB model and priced it at $199, but what do I know.

The Playstation Vita is coming out in blue and red. I'm sure that'll be enough to get you to rush out and buy one, right?

A better reason to rush out and buy a Vita is that Playstation Plus comes to the platform in November. If you're already a Playstation Plus member (on your PS3) you get the Vita version for free. Playstation Plus on the Vita gives you 1 GB of cloud storage for game saves, automatic downloads of patches and so forth, and most importantly free games and discounts. Assuming the program is as robust on the Vita as it is on the PS3, this will be a nice perk for Vita owners. The program costs $50/year.

Lastly, Sony has been talking about mobile gaming for a while now, under the guise of first Playstation Suite and then Playstation Mobile (same program, different names). Finally it's coming and is set to arrive on October 3rd. Playstation Vita owners will be able to take advantage of it, as will owners of Playstation Certified devices which include a few HTC handsets, a number from the Xperia line and Sony's own tablet hardware. What can we expect to see in the way of mobile games on October 3rd? We'll just have to wait and see.

And that was about all the news this time out. Anyone expecting to hear about the PS4 came away disappointed, but then Sony has been pretty upfront about the fact that they're still focused on the PS3 and the Vita. Maybe they'll change their tune after the holidays.

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