OpenStack Foundation proves success of open source

The new foundation marks successful transition


Wednesday marked a pretty interesting day for the open source community.

While Apple was pushing out yet another iteraton of iOS its loyal customers, the long-awaited OpenStack Foundation was officially launched.

Say what you will about OpenStack and the role it plays within the larger cloud sector, but you cannot take away this one thing: this new Foundation is one of the best examples of how a transition from commercially owned and controlled project should transition to a community-based project.

For me, only one other time has this even come close to happening, and that is with IBM and the Eclipse Foundation. And even then, there is a perception still there that IBM is still holding those reins pretty tightly. But with OpenStack, Rackspace seems prepared to follow up on its intent: to completely release OpenStack to the community.

There are still some ties -- after all, former Rackspace employee Jonathan Bryce is now the Executive Director of this new Foundation. And there's no denying Rackspace will have a strong voice in the direction of OpenStack.

But at the end of the day, OpenStack is now something bigger than Rackspace.

It may seem like a little thing, and maybe it is. But to me, when code truly becomes open, either as part of a Foundation or other community model, it's a time to pause and celebrate.

We can remember a time when such a move was a big deal. Now that it is more mundane and accepted? That may be a cause for celebration, too.

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