Watch the funnier Emmy clips in one handy post

Jimmy Kimmel posts highlights on his YouTube channel

Hey, the Emmy's were on last night. Yay! But wait, you were too busy watching horrible replacement referees on Sunday Night Football, weren't you?


Now, at the water cooler, people are talking about the Emmy's or saying, "Hey, did you see that funny moment with Jimmy Kimmel?" and you have no idea what they're talking about.

Thankfully, Uncle Keith has you covered. Here, in one quick blog post, are a bunch of clips, courtesy of the Jimmy Kimmel YouTube channel, of some of the events, plus an additional clip from the folks at NMA Animation (those Taiwanese animators that always comment on the news).

First up, the Tracy Morgan "prank":

In this clip, we see the "cold open" with a ton of guest stars getting ready for the ceremony, and a nervous Kimmel who cries that "he can't go on."

In this clip, Kimmel's monologue:

In this clip, we see a funny sketch of "what shows would look like before cable," including "The Breaking Bad Show" parody via Andy Griffith show.

In this clip, Kimmel offers up his own parody of the "In Memoriam" segments, which honors the people who have passed away over the past year.

And then there's the NMA animation version, which is, well, hard to explain:

Now you have a bunch of things you can discuss at the water cooler, folks! Enjoy the rest of Monday!

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