The Weekly Hash - September 28, 2012

A review of some of the top tech stories for the past week, with tongue planted firmly somewhere near cheek.

092612_iran_google_small.jpgITworld/Phil Johnson

On Friday Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a letter to customers apologizing for Apple Maps. In other Apple news, they’ve now obtained a patent on apology letters.

The company that operates the .xxx top-level domain announced on Thursday that they will be launching a search engine dedicated to porn sites. I’m not sure if their search engine will be better than Google’s, but I’m willing to bet they'll have better doodles.

On Tuesday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill legalizing self-driving cars. The new law requires a human be in the car just in case someone needs to be flipped off.

Iran reportedly shut down access to Google and Gmail on Monday. Apparently, Iran plans to launch its own internet, substituting popular web services with their own versions - no, wait, I’m sorry, that’s Apple.

Hitachi has announced that they’ve developed a new data storage medium that is highly heat and water resistant and will last for 100 million years. They say it’s based on the same technology that’s been used on Larry King.

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