The Weekly Hash - September 28, 2012

A review of some of the top tech stories for the past week, with tongue planted firmly somewhere near cheek.

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Starbucks tweeted last week that that their digital cards will be integrated with the iPhone’s Passbook app by the end of the month. They later said it could be done earlier depending on how much Starbucks they can get their developers to drink.

This week Barnes & Noble introduced new HD versions of their Nook tablet that also support multiple user profiles. They said the tablets are targeted at families that want to have one more thing to fight over.

Samsung asked a California court for a new trial in its patent lawsuit with Apple, claiming they were treated “unequally” in the original trial. Legal experts think the odds of it being granted are slim, since Samsung started their motion with “One more thing.”

On Sunday 2,000 workers rioted at a manufacturing facility run by Apple supplier Foxconn in China. Authorities would’ve arrived sooner to restore order, but they got lost trying to find the place using Apple Maps.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison received $96 million in compensation in fiscal 2012, up 24% from last year. This means he won't have to take a seasonal jobs with Macy's this Christmas.

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