Apple (Maps) picking

What better way to test out Apple Maps than by using it to go apple picking?

apple_picking-600x450_0.jpgITworld/Phil Johnson
Apple picking tip: send the kids up the trees to get the best ones

Whether you use an iOS device or not, no doubt by now you are well versed in the Apple Maps debacle. You’ve heard the story: Apple gave Google Maps the boot from iOS 6 which has led to mucho weeping and gnashing of teeth. But, seriously, how bad is it? Sure, it’s one thing to not be up to Google Maps snuff, but is it... unusable?

Inspired by my buddy Steve Garfield, I decided to find out for myself, using my family as a carload of guinea pigs.

Every year in early fall we do the traditional apple picking thing. My wife and I throw our two daughters in the car and we drive about 15 miles north of our home in the Boston suburbs to a local farm where we tromp around the apple trees, pick a peck of apples and buy some apple cider donuts. Since we only go once a year, it’s just infrequent enough that we have to refresh our memories as to how to get there. For years we just left a print out of directions in the car. Then, once our first iPhones arrived, we moved to looking it up on Google Maps. This year, I plugged my 4S (which was recently upgraded to iOS 6) into the car stereo and let the turn-by-turn directions guide us there to see what happened.

We lived to tell about it. This is our story...

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