Celebrate 30 years of EPCOT center by watching Spaceship Earth construction

Disney publishes time-lapse video of "the big golf ball" being built

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the opening of EPCOT Center at Disney World. The "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow", as it was originally known, changed the face of theme parks. With EPCOT, we got to visit an "ongoing world's fair", with looks into the future, as well as technology advancements.


To help celebrate, Disney has published this brief 25-second time-lapse clip of the Spaceship Earth attraction (the centerpiece of the park) being constructed. It's very cool.

If you want to visit the scenes from opening day, check out this video from the park's opening in 1982, courtesy of the AT&T Tech Archives (I blogged about it earlier this year).

Other Epcot (they now just refer to it as a word rather than an acronym) video highlights: * Take a virtual ride on Test Track (it closed in April) * Watch the Body Wars ride from the Pavilion of Life. * Watch the Norway Ride (Maelstrom). This is a bit of an inside joke - one time we went on the ride, the guy at the end of the ride was supposed to say "Welcome back, brave Vikings," but his thick accent made him sound a bit like Elmer Fudd, it came out "Wewcome back, bwave Vikings". We can't stop saying that phrase whenever someone mentions Norway.

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