The Accidental IT Administrator

I never wanted to be in IT support; now I am - at home

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End user support: Backup, upgrade and troubleshoot issues for three MacBook Pros (and one very ancient HP laptop which we need to ditch), two iPhone 4Ss, two iPhone 3GSs, one non-smart cellphone, one iPod Nano.

Printer support: Make sure my tweenaged daughters can print out Justin Bieber lyrics wirelessly on a whim.

Telephone support: We still have a landline, which is served through the cable modem.

Digital data preservation: Backup and save (preferably redundantly) all of our digital pictures, videos, music and important files and documents. This one keeps me up at night more than heartburn.

I’m not even counting the cable box, DVRs, the Wii, digital picture frames, or my in-laws’ wireless network (a whole other set of tasks) but you get the idea.

As much as I never wanted to “go Course 6” I DEFINITELY never wanted to be an IT administrator. Those folks, god bless them, have tough jobs and none of the rest of us, just about, could do our jobs without them. Through my years as a programmer, much as I relied on the help of the IT support staff (many of whom became good friends), I never, ever wanted to do their job. But, now I do it. For free.

And it’s about to get better: the 12 year old wants (and will probably get) a Kindle Fire HD for her upcoming birthday. Thanks, school BYOD policies!

Any other accidental IT administrators want to chime with their experiences? Please do, so we can commiserate.

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