iPhone, iPad users howl over battery drain after iOS 6 updgrade

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Another, annafromcapon bridge, said she logged out of her Facebook app, and "turned off all the iCloud stuff except for 'Find My Iphone' and my battery is back to normal. Now I access FB using the Chrome browser. I leave Safari off most of the time (unless is autoloads when I click on a link in an email, for example). My notifications and location settings were already at a minimum. I also drained the battery and then charged it overnight. Battery is back to the way it was before IOS 6 update."

But those kinds of "fixes" had other users grumbling. ChicagoBubba noted that he was now routinely turning off Cellular Data to conserve battery. "I see many people are willing to just shut things off freely, and I can't understand any justification for doing so," he wrote. "Why buy an iPhone just to cripple it and say you only text and make calls anyway? In that case these people might be better off with a simple flip phone."

"I found something that "works" but it's not really a fix and is really really annoying," posted Resterix, who with his wife and a friend all had factory-unlocked iPhone 4S models. "If I turn off 3g and cellular data, and then do a hard restart of the phone, we can go all day and only lose about 15% of battery life. Once I turn 3g or cellular data on, even with all apps closed, we'll lose 1% every 3-5 minutes on standby."

He describes a maddeningly manual sequence of events: "So, if i'm out and want to use data, I have to go into settings, turn on 3g and cellular data. Do the thing I wanted to do. Then, go back into settings, turn off 3g and cellular and then do a hard restart.. I am thinking it has something to do with the factory unlocked iphones, as my friends who have carrier locked phones don't seem to have any battery issues."

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