28 pieces of computing advice that stand the test of time

Here are the best pieces of computing advice we've ever heard. Useful information never goes out of style.

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Shun 'Free Public Wi-Fi'

The 'Free Public Wi-Fi' network you might see listed on your Windows PC when you're in various public places is the result of an old Windows XP bug that causes the OS to set up an ad hoc data-sharing network for connected PCs if it can't connect to a trusted wireless network automatically.

Connecting to this type of device-to-device ad hoc network rarely poses any immediate danger, but it won't get you onto the Web, either. And malicious users could spy on the connection and steal valuable information from you.

Say no to cookies

Enable the Do Not Track feature on your browser. This feature will send a message to the websites you visit that it is not okay for them to install cookies in your browser that will record your movements around the Web. Unless you want that to happen, of course.

The best tip of all: Take a break

Every so often, take an electronic sabbatical. Go 24 hours without looking at a screen. It's good for your eyes, and it reduces the chance of burnout. It also reminds you of how powerful personal computers of all shapes and sizes have becomeand that thought alone might make everyone a little more tolerant and patient when problems arise.

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