Ray Kurzweil talks about human brains, AI and Watson

Famed futurist discusses evolution of biology and technology at DEMOfall 2012

Greetings from Santa Clara, Calif.! Over the past two days I've been covering the DEMOfall 2012 show, which focuses on technology startups launching their products and services.


On the first day of the show, famed futurist, entrepreneur and author Ray Kurzweil gave a fantastic speech discussing the worlds of biology, technology and "the singularity", the point at which artificial intelligence could surpass human knowledge. Here's the full video of the speech if you weren't at the show (courtesy of DEMO.com).

Near the end of the video, Kurzweil suggests that if an AI suddenly decides to turn on human beings (like in several science fiction), he suggests that humanity find a more intelligent AI. I'd like to suggest running (although as we've seen recently, robots are getting better at chasing us down than before - thanks a lot, DARPA).

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