John Carmack demos virtual reality headset for Doom 3 BFG

Credit: flickr/Official GDC

Next step for gamers? Total immersion by wearing virtual reality headgear including goggles and headphones.

John D. Carmack, the man behind id Software and their games Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, and Doom, has adapted Doom 3 for a head-mounted display. Demonstrated in rough form to a select few at this year's E3 gaming conference, you can see videos of the interview and demonstration on PC Gamer. Parts used in the research headset cost about $500.

The developing headset tracks eye and head movements, but weapons are fired via a game controller. Carmack admits that "the PC is ten times more powerful, sometimes getting something done at the exact right point is easier on the consoles." In other words, a closed system gives you more control. This means upcoming Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 models may have some interesting accessories.

Carmack for the win

Virtual Reality though, if anyone can make it work. It's Carmack.

PD102 on

If Carmack can deliver an HMD with a 90 deg. viewing angle and head tracking that actually WORKS for $500, I'll be all over that! Doom 3 that actually works with the HMD? an added bonus!

IJustWantToPost2 on

Wow, Carmack looks like a passionate, geeky 16 year old. It's very endearing for such a legend.

StavrosK on

Knee deep

If I sustain injuries in a game while wearing those, will they show up in my real body as well?

Mirid on

The hardware kit hes talking about - Oculus RIFT. Kickstarter coming this month!

keeran on

he needs/wants to know the exact scanline (line you are drawing on the display) at a certain point which is hard to know when you have hundreds of different displays, video cards, drivers, and OSes. In a console, you have ONE of each only.

juanc on

I've visited the Stanford Virtual Reality Lab and tried their $50k HMD and high-precision trackers. I agree with John that latency is currently the #1 problem for VR / AR.

jonmrodriquez on


Lookout, HYPE machine incoming!

GrimsonTrials on

The real John we should be following quotes from is Romero, not Carmack. Carmack just wants to go where the money is now and that's about it.

magicandy on

How much would you pay for a true 3D game experience headset? A) $200 or less B) $500 C) Any amount, just gimme.

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