Apple posts new iPad ad right after Microsoft announces Surface tablet

Coincidence? I think not

There's going to be a lot of coverage on the InterWebs today about Microsoft's new Surface tablet, which got announced last night on the West Coast.

Coincidentally (or purposely), Apple released its latest iPad TV ad via its YouTube channel, with the tagline, "Do It All", showing viewers everything that they can do on an iPad.

Sure, this could all be just a big coincidence, but it can also be a subtle reminder to consumers saying, "Yeah, we know there's a new shiny toy out on the block, but just remember who the king of the hill is in this space."

It's also interesting to note the style that Microsoft took with its teaser video for the Surface - while Apple prefers the acoustic guitar and a very "touchy-feely" approach, in the Surface ad we get a lot of industrial metal clanking and drums, with a darker, more sci-fi feeling to it (similar to the early Motorola Droid ads). Does this indicate that Microsoft might be aiming their tablets more to the male demographic?

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