5 'Evil Siri' videos that may make you chuckle

This genre imagines the dark side of Siri. Even iPhone fans may laugh.


You're likely familiar with the wealth of online content that pokes fun at Apple's Siri, the virtual personal assistant feature on the iPhone 4S. There's even a genre that imagines the dark side of Siri, nodding to the Terminator mentality that someday the world really will be taken over by computers. Check out these fun videos that portray Siri as a dark force -- even Apple fans have to admit the concept can be humorous.

Siri Wants to Kill Zooey Deschanel and Take Over Her Body

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You've likely seen the recent Apple commercials that show how brilliant, useful and generally awesome Siri is, making use of talent such Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel, and John Malkovich. Now the jokesters over at the Conan O'Brien Team Coco site have posted a video that parodies one of them. In their version, Siri is more resentful than helpful. Check it out:

Psycho Siri

If you missed this one when it was uploaded to YouTube back in February, you might like the special effects that portray Siri as a real deal killer. Be warned, however, the acting is atrocious. Even so, more than a million people have viewed this short film.

Siri: The Movie Trailer

This spoof put out by the website Rooster Teeth also depicts Siri as a murderer, but the acting is quite a bit better and Siri does some wickedly funny things, such as drag a guy by his shoe and use a "knife app" to stab someone else and take over his body. Check it out: "Siri: The Movie (Trailer)"

Siri Has a Dark Side: Hilarious Answers to Strange Questions

This video -- one of zillions you can watch on YouTube that show people getting Siri to say all sorts of funny things -- came out way back in October but will likely give you a good chuckle if you haven't yet seen it.  The prodder tells her iPhone she wants to jump off a bridge and needs to hide a body. Will Siri oblige?

Siri 2: Judgment Day

Finally, this corny and low-budget video elucidates exactly why "Evil Siri" videos are so popular -- they get at the root of a secret fear many people have that computers can be too smart."Think we'll make it out of this alive?" asks the young woman actor in this video. Her costar, British comedian Graham Oakes replies, "Well, we're up against this sentient homicidal artificial intelligence the likes of which the world has never seen before, but despite that, yeah, I think we should be fine."

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