Twitter rides NASCAR TV ads introducing Hashtag Pages

Credit: flickr/DigitalRedEye

During the Pocono 400 NASCAR race, Twitter ran their first TV ads. First Hashtag Page? TWITTER.COM/#NASCAR for the win.

Hashtags have been seen in TV commercials for a while now, but not Hashtag Pages. And Twitter, as they struggle to introduce advertising, or some way to monetize their service, went to traditional mass media to announce their new product with their first (or second) TV ads ever.

One ad focused on driver Brad Keselowski, an ardent Twitter user who send photos of a fire at the Daytona 500 using the service. The second ad featured a wreck, as do many ads about NASCAR. And this Twitter Hashtag Page product could be the start of an advertising strategy for Twitter.

Full speed ahead

From a paid perspective we will probably just see campaigns like NASCAR where sponsorship has been applied. Makes you wonder how they might cash in on topics that are trending, though...

Anthony Trollope on

Twitter ran its first commercial in 2011 after the East Coast Earthquake: here. This commercial would be Twitter's 2nd commercial ever.

Matt Kroll on

Yellow flag

This is a good idea and certainly moves the ball forward. but the #hashtag pages are so static and the users experience in a live active hashtag is still lame.

Peter Bordes on

Twitter doesnt need tv ads if you still havent heard of twitter yet then most then likely you aren’t tech savvy.

Michael Allen on

Advertising about advertising? Smacks of desperation, remember Groupon?

wei-min chu on

Hmmm – think they need a business model first before they start placing hugely expensive ads – and not very good ones!!

Heddi Cundle on

Full stop

because no one watches ads anymore and it's all about conversations and relationships or something like that, and here goes the darling of social mediaphiles (gasp!) running a TV commercial. I just felt a disturbance in the farce...

Atomic Tango LLC on

Holy stupid… what a waste of money.

chowell18 on

I'm not sure if twitter even understands their own product. going to takes you to a search query of tweets that include #nascar, which is a completely useless landing page.

Rene Amador on

Yes, Larry, the bird mascot, was the new version, and he seemed to fly across the screen during the second commercial. And was this earthquake commercial web-only, or full network TV? Opinions differ, but 47 seconds is an odd time for TV commercials.

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