Get out of my dreams and onto my iPad

New AT&T 'You Will' ad showcases remote car repair and medical diagnoses as well

A couple of weeks ago, AT&T began posting some new "You Will" videos as an homage to its classic TV commercials from the early '90s, highlighting some of the things people will be able to do with their communications technologies, predicting such things as on-demand video programming, videoconferencing, etc. The new video showcased predictions such as brainwave authentication for mobile devices, augmented-reality glasses and a hyper-intelligent threat mitigation system for stopping malware before it spreads.

The company has added another video today, highlighting three new predictions: fixing a car via augmented reality (presumably a mechanic is on the other end helping a lady fix her broken-down car), a medical x-ray scanner (via tablet or smartphone) with a doctor on the other end, and my personal favorite, a brainwave/dream scanner that can project your dreams onto a tablet. Take a look.

Personally, I can't wait to start sharing that recurring dream I have of being in the school play and forgetting my lines, or what play I was in, and wondering why the audience was all in their underwear.

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