No more anonymous faces on Facebook

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Facebook grabs (no surprise) but anonymity and privacy may now officially be outmoded.

Reports on the price vary (TechCrunch says $55-$60 million in cash and stock), but concerns about privacy are growing. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that your unique "faceprint" is already on a digital server somewhere in the world, and the new acquisition by Facebook may aid authoritarian governments identify dissidents.

Like other settings on Facebook, facial recognition is turned on by default. According to CNN, Face's software for mobile users is faster to use than the Facebook app, leading to more accurate identity tagging. Add in the Instagram acquisition, that 300 million or so photos are uploaded each day to Facebook, that the majority of those are from phones, and the value of Face becomes more clear. But privacy issues become more murky.

Great idea

This is going to be a huge deal if those Google Glasses are popular (and I believe they will be). Facebook could be working on a competitor

Robert Scoble on

Just another advancement of technology.

efficio on

Big Brother gets stronger

Just wait, this facial technology's ultimate use is nothing more that to track you. All in the name of socializing. What a joke.

zyoung on

We haven't seen anything yet. One example: combine facial recognition with Pervasive Memory (every interaction through a digital device leaves a trace) and that means potential employers will be able to amass a visual record of everything you've done for the past 10 or 20 years.

Bruce Kasanoff on

Imagine facebook selling its database in 10 years. Now every time you walk past an ATM machine or any video camera you can be literally pinpointed via facial recognition.

Veronica Lang on

Facebook is Big Brother. I never thought Big Brother wore a hoodie.

pal316 on

George Orwell's birthday was June 25th. He told us it was going to go down like this.

OliverHolz on


it's big corporate brother selling you to the highest bidder with no regards of any kind to your safety nor privacy.

Julius Caeser on

I think they bought it for the domain name. "Drop the 'book'. It's cleaner..."

Michelle Dong on

Remember you have no rights only corporations do!

sunsetsfnative on

Smile, you're on Facebook, and they know who you are

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