Indestructible Galaxy Note and leaked Jelly Bean -- today's rumor roundup

Will Samsung launch its next phone/tablet hybrid as an indestructible device?

Want to know why you didn’t hear anything about the Microsoft Surface tablets until they were unveiled Monday (except some false rumors about a Nook collaboration?) Because Microsoft told its manufacturing partners exactly nothing. The firms that have people and machines actually putting glass, plastic, and metal together? That’s where leaks start. And, you know, thank goodness for those firms, because it gives us so much to look at each week.

“Indestructible” Galaxy Note 2 on the way

Source: MK Business News, via Phandroid. MK Business News is, to say the least, not a known entity in the news and rumor business.

Details: Rumors around the Galaxy Note 2, the sequel to Samsung’s fairly successful in-between phone/tablet device with a stylus, focus on the display. Some say it will be flexible, some that it’s an “unbreakable plane” (UBP). Other than that, it’s slightly larger than 5.3 inches, has a quad-core processor, and maybe a 12-megapixel camera.

Likelihood: That a Galaxy Note 2 is arriving around the same time as the expected iPhone 5? Pretty good, maybe 80%, because that’s how Samsung seems to be scheduling launches lately. That it features an “indestructible display”? Well, it’s not a good idea to test gadget reviewers that way.

Get excited?: Was the Galaxy Note so very destructible that “indestructible” was the next logical upgrade?

Google inadvertently leaks Android 4.1 screenshot (maybe)

Source: Phandroid

Details: In updating an app meant for attendees of Google I/O 2012, Google may have given us a brief glimpse of the anticipated 4.1 update for Android, “Jelly Bean.” Mainly, it’s a slightly different look for the search bar, widgets, the standard buttons at the bottom of the screen, and a few changes to the corners and edges.

Likelihood: Google leaks like a sieve, sometimes intentionally before an event like I/O. Seems pretty likely, around 90%.

Get excited?: Even if Android 4.1 was nothing but bug fixes and a promise from Google that it would arrive much, much quicker on phones and tablets than 4.0, I’d be excited.

Windows Phone 8 announcement involves multi-core processors, new OS core

Source: Gizmodo

Details: Windows Phone 8, code-named “Apollo,” is a quietly major upgrade to Windows Phone at a root level. A much faster processor, a system that casts off the chains of Windows Mobile CE, and probably a few other surprises announced later today and tomorrow.

Likelihood: 75-80 percent. Microsoft has proven pretty good at keeping secrets of late, so not everything we think we know about their self-designed products turns out to be true (see above).

Get excited?: Windows Phone is always interesting, unless you make your living off of commissions from phone sales.

Top image and thumbnail via Gizmodo.

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