'Portal' gun hits the real world

3-D graphic visualizations not just for medical/surgical educational videos any more

A graphic artist with a flair for 3-D and a yen for the same thing as ever geek who has ever played a minute of Portal has done what no geek ever thought could be done: made a portal gun that works in real life.

In his day job, visual effects and motion graphics artist Jason Craft develops witty, approachable 3-D visual aids and instructional videos for Minnesota-based Gh0st Productions.

These aren't the lame videos or slide shows you yawned your way through in middle school.

Gh0st Productions videos fuse top-quality virtual cinematography with detailed information about medical procedures to teach prospective patients (and probably a few doctors) what exactly will be done to patch them up (though more than a few will be disappointed at having earned their own injuries in a less exciting way than video-bots in films like the five-minute 'Climbers,' which shows the stresses, near-fatal falls and surgical repair of spinal injuries from one very bad imaginary day in the the Himalayas.)

In his off hours (of which there appear to be too many), Craft watches movies, makes videos with CG models and violates the laws of space and time, in very cool ways.

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