Watch goofy people try Kinect games at E3 2012

This is why Kinect needs to stay in the living room

I have a Kinect that goes with my Xbox 360, and when I use it to play games, I tell the rest of the family to leave the room, and I close all of the shades on the windows - not because we need less light for the unit (although it helps), but rather because I don't want anyone to see me acting like a goofball. That's the issue with Kinect - while you are swinging a bat in the game or performing a karate chop with perfect agility, in reality you're jumping around like a fool.

Want more evidence of this? Watch these attendees at last week's E3 2012 video game event go through the Kinect motions - if you couldn't see the video monitors, you'd think they were having some kind of seizure:

Don't get me wrong - the motion control feature within Kinect is fun to play when you're the one playing and you get to see the results on the monitor - but watching other people do it when you're not playing is kind of painful.

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