Gaming's 15 funniest, most unfair, and memorable exploits

Exploits. Sometimes, they break games in your favor, allowing you access to powers, abilities, and cheap ways to accomplish difficult tasks that a game’s developers didn’t intend for you to have (and a game’s testers somehow overlooked). But these exploits can sometimes turn the tables against your peaceful adventures--especially in massively multiplayer games like World of Warcraft or EVE Online, where game-breaking bugs can give your peers untold advantage over your hapless, plays-by-the-rules self.

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11. Mario Kart 64--Duh

If the Rainbow Road shortcut isn’t the biggest exploit to ever appear in a racing game, we don’t know what is.

12. Team Fortress 2--Door Blocking and Invincibility

Griefing? Exploit? Either way, using yourself to block the door (caution: language!) that other players need to use to leave their spawn points in a multiplayer match is just plain funny. Slightly more frustrating is the actual exploit that used to allowed TF2 Medics to ubercharge themselves indefinitely--an invulnerable medic might not be as bad as an invulnerable scout or pyro, but it can still be quite detrimental to one’s health.

13. Star Wars: The Old Republic--Get Down

Go Jedi; it’s your birthday. Of all the tricks one could use to escape harm in a massively multiplayer online game, the exploit discovered within Star Wars: The Old Republic proves to be one of the genre’s best and funniest. If an enemy was targeting you with any kind of power or ability, you used to be able to type “/getdown” in your chat window to set your character a-dancing. Be it The Force, your mad skills, or a broken game mechanic, your “/getdown” command would interrupt whatever your target was channeling or casting.

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