New Apple patent clones user identities to confuse online tracking

Credit: flickr/adriano_montes

Officially titled "Techniques to Pollute Electronic Profiling," Patent 8,205,265 could help users escape online surveillance.

Waxing Hollywood-esque about clones, the PatentlyApple site goes into great detail about the patent, calling it "an Anti-Big Brother patent." Originally filed by Novell in 2007 (Apple bought a batch of granted and pending patents late in 2010), the patent is one of 17 granted this week to Apple.

By creating one or more clone identities, actions by one clone will confuse data trackers, leaving the "real" person free to travel online without notice. Enough personal details will be included with the clones to make them believable. There is some discussion that Apple may be patenting this technology to make sure they can block this attempt to hide online, but Apple has yet to comment on the new patent.

Apple thoughts

This is awesome. Way to go Apple :)

Alexander Arrieta on

Patent gives monopoly rights for sharing an invention.

Wok on

In fact, it's just a way to pollute everyone else's data that is collected making Apple's data more accurate and therefore more valuable. This is clearly a bad Apple.

Merrill Fratkin on

Legal thoughts

I just wonder about the legality of it should you find yourself under investigation for any reason.

Anonymous Coward on

Ridiculous that this is a patent. It's patently obvious, that's about it.

Bill Wood on

Not a new idea, why in the hell was this patent granted? And Trackmenot predates the filing of the patent by at least 5 years

JetSetJim on

Funny thoughts

"I wasn't looking up lesbian cheerleaders, Honey. It was the robot. Bad Robot!"

Thorne on

how do I get a job making patent diagrams?

Owen Iverson on

If I had some cloneware, would it prevent me from getting emails about "weight loss tea"?

1Rafayal on

According to PatentlyApple, this technology is already being used in some Novell network and proxy server products. Does that make you feel better, or worse?

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