Nintendo is NOT making a Wii Birth game

Parody video gets more views than Wii Fit promo video does

When an alert popped up in my inbox for a new Nintendo game called "Wii Birth", I clicked the video to watch a man on the Wii Balance Board simulating the birthing experience while his family, sitting on a couch behind him, cheered him on. The video was so well produced I thought it was an actual game that Nintendo was going to create. Take a look:

The video currently has 92,752 views, with no indication that it's a parody, and this may cause some confusion with some more gullible viewers (hey, for a second I thought it might be possible, knowing how sometimes Japanese culture differs slightly from American tastes).

But yes, it is a parody, and here's the original video, in which a dad is playing Wii Fit and its new Core Luge game (he's riding a luge, not giving birth).

There's also a parody of this clip for a game called "Wii Bow", which has the guy performing what we parents like to call "Number 2." You can go look it up on the InterWeb yourself if you want.

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