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Development for iPhones and iPads gets the 'Lists of X Things You Need to Know' treatment, proving app development has gone mainstream.

Let's start with the latest list of 10 Things from TechRepublic earlier this week. First on the list? You need a Mac. Second? You really should have iPads and iPhones for testing. Seems simple so far, but then the advice gets more technical, declaring "Objective-C is a bit of a throwback." Luckily, there are alternatives to avoid Objective-C and XCode, and you can write code without a developer account, although when you get serious, get that account, which takes up to two week to be approved.

More for marketers, the Smart Passive Income site lists 5 Things, including the suggestion to hire a developer and patience during development. And free apps with ads can make more than apps for sale, in their experience. Back to developers, ReadWriteWeb put together "13 Tools" over two years ago, and many still have value to iPhone and iPad developers.

Programmer chat

The stuff I cut my teeth on was C and C++. So far, as cryptic as those languages were, I've found Objective C far worse.

BitHammer on

for pascal fans I would suggest Lazarus.

jsargent on

Under the hood, Objective-C is basically a metric ton of macros that translate all of those goofy Objective-C quirks into standard C.

Justin James on

You forgot my favorite

I'm surprised Seattle Clouds was not included in this review.

Vadim Gore on

you forgot to mention is the large amount of code examples and development frameworks free to use for all like Cocos2d (box2d which is used for Angry Birds) on

What about Mobincube?

fmarzal on

Not programmers

As a freelance graphic designer I was looking to graphically design an app and out source to a developer to actually build the app.

Joseph on

i was looking for some sort of application on which i can design my application without any knowledge of code. Then i will upload it myself on App Store. I dont want to pay any monthly fee

Man With Van on

I have a few app ideas and I’m definitely going to look into developers.

Tony Ruiz on

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